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How do you choose a general contractor?
We are a professionally owned and operated business for residential renovations and home improvements since 1985. If you are looking for a contractor, it most likely indicates that your home is in need of some kind of attention. We know that protecting your investment is of major importance to you and your family.
Choosing a remodeling contractor can be difficult. Here are 3 important areas that we highly recommend you consider in evaluating every remodeling contractor you permit to work on your precious household:
  • the company's reputation and stability
  • the experience and methodology of its craftsmen
  • their attention to service: before, during and after your project
Here is how R&S General Contracting measures up in the above important areas:
  • We've been in business for over 25 consecutive years
  • We come recommended by all of our past customers
  • We're fully licensed, insured and accredited (ask us why this is important for homeowners)
  • We're knowledgable of and use best practices for all manufacturer's products, installations and guidelines
  • We insure all our work for a full 2 years
  • We use the best products and materials to insure the best projects
  • We provide written estimates with price guarantee for the work specified.
Working with homeowners like you to give them the personal touch they want while adding value to their homes is what we do best. Your project is important regardless of how big or mall. We'll help you with New Awnings, adding handicap access, putting in that new deck, renovation your home on the inside, new siding and windows, gutters... you name it, we can do it!
We recognize that trustworthiness, reliability, and honesty are NOT common traits among contractors, we're looking to break that conceptions. When you call, we pick up the phone. You have a problem, we'l come to your home to check it out. When you're not happy with something, we'll make sure it's fixed until you ARE happy. You want to know how much something will cost, we'll tell you. And we won't charge the price on you later!
Our trustworthiness, reliability, and honesty are why we've been referred by so many of our customers to their friends and families. We've worked on the same houses throughout the years, from one project to another as they come up. We've become "friends" with many of our "clients". We hope to do the same for you.
Call us at (704) 530-6068 and a professional will answer your call and give you the information you need. Or text us if that is easier. You can also email us at Rich@RSGeneralcontracting.com. We look to forward hearing from you.

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